Grace Law divorce

Townsville’s professional divorce lawyers

Grace Law divorce

If you are divorce, Grace Law can provide the legal assistance you need to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Whether it’s an amicable divorce or there are disputes surrounding the case, our  team of divorce lawyers can handle all the issues that might arise.

Reliable support in divorce cases

When you divorce your spouse, you’ll usually be expected to make a court appearance to acknowledge the official termination of the legal agreement. Your lawyer will make an Application to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or Family Court of Australia and will ensure that you’re kept fully informed along the way of all proceedings.

If the case is not disputed, the process will be straightforward, but if there is disagreement between the parties, it may take longer than usual. As a divorce involves dissolving a former legal agreement between two parties, it can become complex if challenges are posed.

When you come to Grace Law for legal services, we’ll provide efficient and effective legal support whatever your situation, and will always work to achieve the most positive outcome.

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