Grace Law debt recovery

Our solicitors can assist with debt recovery in Townsville

Grace Law debt recovery

If you owe money to someone or have funds outstanding to you from another party, Grace Law can assist you in all types of debt recovery proceedings. Whether you rent property to a tenant and are having difficulties in receiving payments, or you operate a business and are owed money by clients, we can help.

Our expert solicitors have worked with many clients over the years dealing with a variety of debt recovery issues, so we have the skills to deliver the services you need. We offer competitive prices for all our legal input and will always work quickly to ensure the most efficient and favourable outcome for you.

Dealing directly with debt

When you come to Grace Law for legal assistance, we’ll perform all the necessary procedures on your behalf, keeping you fully informed throughout. We’ll present your case should it go to court, but for everyone’s convenience, we will always do our best to resolve matters before they reach this stage.

We’ll work with you to find a satisfactory solution to your debt problems – whether you’re attempting to collect funds or are the person who owes them. Just give us a call today to see how we can help.

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