Grace Law defacto same sex relationships

Legal advice on de facto relationships in Townsville

Grace Law defacto same sex relationships

At Grace Law, we offer impartial legal advice on a wide range of matters.  Indeed, we proudly support and offer advice to those in same-sex and de facto relationships, which are now identified as civil relationships under the Family Law Act.

As with any relationship, things may not work out, and this may lead to the need to resolve various issues, such as property agreements or financial concerns. Whatever the matter, Grace Law will provide the services you need.

Expert guidance from a trusted team

Whether you’re negotiating matters with a partner or are seeking advice on any other issue, when you come to Grace Law in Townsville, you can always expect professional and personalised services. Our lawyers can assist you with your complex or even simple matter.

Just contact our friendly team for more information, or to make an appointment at our practice.

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