Grace Law recovery and relocation

Our lawyers can assist with child recovery and relocation cases in Townsville

Grace Law recovery and relocation

When it comes to handling child cases, one of the most urgent issues that can arise is that of child recovery and relocation.

Child Recovery may arise when a party has unjustifably taken a child.

Relocation is when one party wants to move the child away from his/her hometown. For example, if one parent wants to keep the children with them when the other believes it would not be in their best interests, a court may have to intervene to resolve the situation. In this case, we can work with you to ensure the best possible outcome.

Child Recovery and relocalation are complex and urgent matters.

Contact our family law team urgently if you need advice in relation to Recovery or relocation children cases locally in Townsville or nationally throughout the country.

A summary of the reasons for child recovery:

  • When one parent is preventing the other from seeing their children
  • When a parent seeks to keep the children when it’s not in the children’s best interests to be with them
  • When a parent takes their children to live in another city, state or country
  • When one parent refuses to give the children back to the other parent

Child relocation

Relocation is a complex area of family law where one parent is seeking to take the child and move to another city, state or even country.  We can assist you with all aspects of relocation issues for your peace of mind.

Expert legal help you can trust

If you’re involved in a dispute over your children, it’s important you contact our family law team as soon as possible, as the situation may cause distress to all involved, particularly your children. Our expert lawyers will consult with you at this difficult time and proceed on your behalf to try to reach a resolution.
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